Wood Serving Tray

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Serve Ware
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Wood Serving Tray Abstract Agate Crystal Painted Design






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Wood Serving Tray Abstract Agate Crystal Painted Design Acrylic Art.


- Multipurpose, Sturdy, and Good Materials: This Trays Set is indeed multipurpose trays. They use it as a serving tray for coffee, tea, and/or snacks, also use it for serving full meals as needed or necessary.


- We had handled them to make sure the smoothness of the wood, the craftsmen have tested to make sure there would not be any splinters from it. Last but not least, they will last long enough and won’t break easily.


- Elegant sides with wide handles for easy grip, sturdy cutout handles help transport drinks or snacks to and from the kitchen easily. Surrounding tray lips prevent items from falling over


- You’ve probably seen other types of the rustic tray with gaps between the barn wood, when used as serving ware there may be food and drink spills, those spills get trapped in the tiny gaps and breed nasty bacteria, our tray is designed with sealed gap-free, so all spills can be hygienically wiped away.




- Approximate Dimensions (in inches):


Large Tray - 16.5 x 12 x 2.


35 38.5